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My Introduction to Higher Learning

After many years of struggling through personal relationships, first with Mom, then with Dad. If that wasn't enough, Grandma added her negative opinions at every chance. My life was difficult. I assumed that most people had loving and supportive families, Everyone except me. I was fortunate that they weren't physically abusive, but the verbal assaults were painful and burdensome.

My parents weren't bad people, just insensitive to how their words landed on my sensitive soul. As soon as I could leave I went in search of better life. I wanted to know why my parents found me so offensive? Why was everything I wanted or said against their beliefs?

My first adventure was in college. Away from home and their hovering eyes I flourished. I found love, education, friends and a job. But as much as I loved moving out and going to school my education wasn't complete.

Mom became very ill and her treatments intruded on my ability to pursue my personal growth. Instead of letting me pursue my education, my parents insisted that I marry and have a "normal" life. I did as they requested. I married the man of their choice and brought three wonderful children into this world. My children filled my heart with love and so much joy. However, my education was not complete and the burning desire to know more persisted. I struggled to find the answers to many questions that I held from early childhood. How was I supposed to resolve the issues I had with my parents, the struggles of everyday life, and my purpose for being?

All that I am unfolded over years of study and struggles once I found my mentor, Eileen Connolly. Applying the higher wisdom was a challenging road to travel. But so valuable to me that I dare not look back. There is so much knowledge that I have to share.

I hope you will find these words refreshing and encouraging. Perhaps even a little insightful. As we explore and explain some of the very nature of who we came to be.

Keep following. The best is yet to come...
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