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Manifesting new beginnings

Sometimes we make major changes in life with great sadness and sometime it is with eager anticipation. When we have to rely on limited funds for extended periods of time it can leave many of us at a loss when we are confronted with new struggles. We must prepare as best we can for significant changes in life.

We start by being grateful for all that we have received to get us to this point. Be grateful for new opportunities in life. Be gracious as we process through choices, for every opportunity in life is someone elses needs or feelings about the opportunity they offer.

We cannot assume that we live in a vacuum. That only our needs count or are the only importance in our situation. While many companies have a requirement that their employees not judge based on appearance, age, sex, or race people discriminate anyway. We are all looking for karmic ties or attactions that fulfill our needs. While we may like to think that we are valued for our expertise or experiences our true connections in life are the basis for decisions even if it goes against our thoughts or company policy.

Consider wisely where you plant your seeds of endeavor. Your thoughts matter to you. Not everyone wants your opinion. How you present yourself is as vital as the message you are trying to relay.

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