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Stop it Now!

We communicate every day by text, conversation, email... But, in our hearts, we communicate with telepathy. You may be sending...I love you, I'm thinking about you, I miss you, or I want you. We hold onto people we love or have loved without thinking about it further. If the relationship is over, STOP IT NOW! If you feel a connection to someone else by a thought coming to you from out of the blue, they may be thinking about you.

If you have no intention of seeing, speaking with, or visiting with this person, Stop thinking about them. You may be holding onto an old connection that keeps you karmically tied to them.

STOP doing Tarot readings on them, STOP checking their Social Media posts, and STOP asking about them.

Not every connection is meant to last, especially if you want it to be over. Did you have a hard breakup? Are they mentally, physically, or financially abusive?

Disconnect from them. If you are having a problem letting go, ask God to take the thoughts and connection away. Then LET IT BE. Stop thinking about them. Change your mind when an old pattern of thought reoccurs. We waste too much time on people who do not matter to our future or mental health. Now is the perfect time to Let Go and Let God bring you someone you deserve.

Take a breath and give yourself space because wonderful new beginnings must come in.

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