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March 11 & 12, 2023     10 am - 6 pm
10:30 am - 6 pm

Join me at the Holistic and Spiritual Arts Expo in Virginia Beach, VA. 

. I am offering 2 types of Tarot readings.  A Classic Tarot reading or a Tarot card reading with Past Life wisdom included.

   Expand your knowledge with my manual for Past Life exploration or enjoy reading from my selection of Past Life books from my journey from the ancient past through to the present. Sign up for notification of upcoming classes and discover mysteries, talents, and incoming joy on your path on destiny.

     HOLISTIC WELLNESS EXPO of Hampton Roads


April 22, 2023     9 am to 5 pm    HOLIDAY INN in Newport News, VA

     Understand your current issues with a tarot card reading.  I am offering a

    Classic reading or one with Past Life Wisdom.  Sign up for classes in Tarot card            reading,  Numerology, or Past Life Regression.

    Fill your need for spiritual guidance with Books and Manuals for everyday life.          Introducing my newest Manual, Lighten Your Path, energy to nourish the soul.".  



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