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Constance W.

"If you believe in reincarnation and even if you don't, "Know My Light" is a wonderful book which will hold your interest right to the end. It is not only well written, but the author inspires an interest in past life regression, to better understand your purpose in this life, and lessons learned from the past. A must-read!"

Donna B.

"Wow! I’m totally blown away with the wisdom and inventions presented in “The Prophet.” The situations these people went through are eerily parallel to the present day. It is hard to believe that this book was published before the pandemic."

Bridget G.

"I had a preconceived idea about love until I read “The Teller.” It brought tears to my eyes to read the depth of love shared between Johanna and Bertram. I never knew love could be that beautiful."

Alma C.

"I loved reading “The Prophet.” I recite the prayer of protection given in this book every day. It’s truly inspirational."
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