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 It is said that we are known by our light. It is the eternal force that shines from within. To seek knowledge is a blessing. To accept this wisdom is divine. For most of us, life is a struggle. To understand this divine path, we must explore all avenues of wisdom available to us.  By opening up the hidden tools and availing ourselves of the well of knowledge, we can begin to understand our purpose.

 Join me in exploring your hidden truths.  Through guidance in a Tarot Reading or with Tarot classes, open your natal chart with Numerology, explore a Past Life in a  workshop, or have a Past Life Regression; we can discover why you are here and all you have to offer. 

- Susan Latner

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         Tarot Readings

 Short Reading -  This 15-minute reading covers the basics of any one question   $30


Classic Tarot Reading - A 30-minute reading that can cover multiple topics          $50

Past Life Infused Reading - This reading offers an expansion of understanding for a

    circumstance that you are dealing with today.  You are presented with the tools to

   handle the struggle better. This is not a Regression, but a detailed explanation of

    a current dilemma with an overlaying replay from a past experience.  The behavior

   pattern you choose is based on past situations.  Steps for the remedy are discussed.

   This is a very valuable tool for a difficult situation you find repetitive.                   $75                                                                                        Contact me at to set up your appointment.

     Payments are accepted through:  PayPal and VENMO.






         ​               Past Life Regression

      We discuss karmic relationships and how we connect to others.

       Relax in a guided meditation into one of your past life experiences to discover what has created obstacles in the present.

      After the exploration you can examine what you needs to accomplish.            $50

       Contact me at Susan.Latner @gmail com to set up your regression.  



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Lighten Your Path by Susan Latner | Books About Life

Stored within each of us are underlying currents of joy. Some people bury it so deep that they cannot see the possibilities to help overcome their daily struggles. Life is challenging for everyone. Yet, beneath the surface is the very nature of who you came to be. Open your heart and mind to the many golden opportunities in life. Joy is everywhere if you choose to see it. Within the covers of this book are tools and opportunities to guide you through your aggravations. The time is now to add positive outcomes to your daily experiences. The choice is up to you. Are you ready to accept the wonders provided for you on your journey to success?





The Teller by Susan Latner - Another journey through past life recall in the know my light series

Into the depths of the Ancient Past lay the seeds to all things present. Come with me on a journey into the lives of Johanna and Bertram who raised their family in South West Atlantis during an early period. How did they live? What did they create that has lasted for all time?



Know My Light by Susan Latner - A woman's journey through her own past life experiences

  Three profound stories that will intrigue and entertain any Past Life enthusiast. Meet Francesca, Mary and Winifred on their roads to self discovery. Three very different lives with twists and turns on their adventures to unexpected opportunities.

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The Prophet by Susan Latner

Gifted beyond the norm two souls elect to help humanity with their unique talents. Lily, with heightened sensitivities & Robert, an inventor extraordinaire, work together through continual confrontations and discover a wealth of everlasting truths.



Through The Veil by Susan Latner - Exploring Past Lives through Meditation

A student’s handbook for understanding how Karma works, how to receive past life information and the tools to correct the challenges of life. Follow the steps to prepare for meditation and choose from the guided meditations.

Your Personalized Life Plan

     Numerology is the use of numbers to determine the effect of human choices.  Each number has an energy specific to and contained within itself. Each number reveals its unique energy to you in a variety of ways depending on your sensitivity and how you interpret them. 

    This 25-page bound book is your “Life Plan.”  It entails what you intend to do in this life and how you are to accomplish it.  Each aspect is opened with detailed clarification. A comprehensive view explains what your soul has come to learn, express, and achieve. 

Please choose between the options below:

The Child's Life Plan = Covers the child’s entire life & includes a detailed summary of the child’s first 18 years.

The Adult Life Plan = Spans the adult's remaining journey and path for 9 years beyond the current year.
     To produce the Life Plan, I will need:

  • The full birth name (as it is written on the birth certificate)

  • Birthdate

  • Choose your cover style: Hearts & Flowers, Pathway, Science, Moon & Stars, Basic Black Frame, Balloons, Victorian Black or Clouds & Sky

Cost: $250.00 plus $5.00 S&H

Please submit your order with the answers to the above questions to: or use the contact form.

Payment can be made via Paypal to or through Venmo to @SusanLatner. 

Susan Latner | Home Page | Tarot, Past Life Regression, Numerology, Personal Readings, Workshops, Classes, Books
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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works”

Virginia Woolf


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