Why We Use the Connolly Tarot Deck

After many years of teaching with the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, world-renowned Tarot authority, Eileen Connolly Ph.D. created The Connolly Tarot deck.  With the masterful artistry of her son, Peter Paul Connolly, they removed the negative imagery encased in the classic version.  Dr. Connolly accurately blended the many layers of hidden information to permit the reader easier access to higher wisdom. The Connolly Tarot deck remains a magnificent tool for any seeking student.



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Introduction to Connolly Tarot – This basic workshop explains all the tools needed for preparing and
maintaining your cards, the meaning of the Minor Arcana, and the placing statements for a classic spread. The student is guided through their first reading. This course is the foundation and is required for all future Tarot studies.

Connolly Tarot decks and Books for the Apprentice are available for purchase.



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There is so much to learn. The Basic Introductory course only scratches the surface. Join in an expansion of this ancient wisdom.



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Rahdue’s Wheel – This is an advanced study for the experienced Tarot card reader.  Permit up to 4 hours to receive this full spread. The Guidance contained encompasses a three months period. It uses all 78 cards and includes three Past Life patterns, people you will meet, and events yet to come. A phenomenal spread for the skilled reader!



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This popular workshop opens the door to who you have been in the past. We discuss karmic relationships and how we connect to each other. Past Life exploration shows us how we dealt with situations in the past. If we need to make corrections or adjustments we have an opportunity now to examine for correction. Guided meditation into a past experience is a part of the class.



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Now through the first of the year, we are preparing for the oncoming change of lifecycles. Do you feel it? Have inklings of the need for a different approach or a different attitude? Accept the changes and master your life.

You don’t have to be a wizard with numbers to benefit from Numerology. Many hidden talents, opportunities, and rewards are available when you use your natal chart correctly. Why you are here and what you intended to accomplish are all aligned in a unique sequence for your benefit. What better time to explore what you are here to learn, attain, and master than now? Getting through life’s difficulties is different for each of us.  When we uncover our soul’s journey we discover light. We become one with the universal truth. Discover your truth and unlock the door to continued success.

What hidden secrets are in your name? 

 The most valuable aspects of who you came to be are concealed in your birth name. These personal tools were created for you to deal with every opportunity and is your formula for success in all life situations.

How you express yourself, how others see you, and what you need to do to complete your purpose are important aspects we seldom consider.  Learn how to utilize these energies to achieve your goals.  In this course, we will be exploring five of the most important tools you have available.

Your personal life cycle

Working with your original intent for this life is the energy known as the cycle of mankind. Each year we are presented with a set of tools to establish and generate new activity.  No longer do we need to sit in the dark and think that every year is the same as the last one.  Each day has significance and a purpose all its own. Where are you in this universal pattern will help you fulfill your goals.



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