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Are you ready for a Past Life Regression?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

There are multiple locations for future inquiries. If you are interested in knowing more about any one topic there are volumes of information available. We can study and we can seek counsel. Many of life's obstacles are cured with a simple foray into private study.
Are you struggling with repetitive issues that just won't go away?

A Past Life Regression may be the answer. Whether it is with one specific person or a multitude, Past Life study goes to the root of the problem. Like a weed in the garden, pulling on a problem from the root can clear the source of the obstacle.

Being able to view and examine the cause of a situation has helped me and many students release continuing pressure.

When you discover the underlying cause of a repetitive problem, deciding what to do next becomes more apparent. It is the lightbulb moment needed to shine the truth on the very nature of the obstacle. The revelation is illuminating because it lifts us into the light of truth. Release of the dilemma is not far behind! It does not change the other person's attitude or approach, but rather gives us the tools to deal with them more effectively.
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